Sheath for Amigo X / Z

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The sheath for a neck knife has to be very secure to allow safe carrying. For Amigo knives we have created a strong G10 material sheath with reliable G10 lock that does not have any mechanically moving parts like springs, pins, etc that are prone to failure when fall or get dirty.

What we have here are two sheath sidewalls of G10 material moving very slightly when a blade inserts and widens the gap beetween them. G10 is very strong and durable and has very limited mechanical flexibility (you can hardly bend it), so we designed our locking mechanism by turning G10's very limited natural flexibility into advantage and made use of it.

The shape of the blade was made in such a way that when it is inserted to a certain length into the sheath it is instantly enveloped by the G10 walls and locked in place by the two sidewalls of the sheath.

We are currently working on a clip that will add more versatility to the sheath and allow a user to attach it to a belt either in a traditional way vertically or horizontally for covert carrying on the back as well as for attaching it to a boot or other place of your choice.

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