Colada AUS-8 Satin Walnut

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Colada is a compact knife with a utilitarian blade shape, no frills here.

Although it is small, its performance remains high. It is versatile in function and beautiful in style.

The 100mm long blade is a drop point profile, a basic design, centuries old but timeless. It is for those who require a great, small scale all rounder with the capability to prepare food, kindling for a fire and process game up to a medium size.

This knife was developed in collaboration with experts from one of the largest Russian knife forums, Their feedback, input, experience and knowledge have gone into making this knife a reality. Something we are proud of.

This is a full tang knife, with handle scales crafted from the roots of our best Caucasian Walnut. While guard-less, this knife remains safe to use with the addition of a small recess just behind the blades edge.

"Colada", meaning "cleansed" in Spanish is an apt description for this model, with simple clean lines and no un-neccesssary features.

The genuine leather sheath features a dual position belt loop for high or low carry options, depending on your preference.

This knife is simple yet elegant, functional yet beautiful. It is rare to have all these characteristics within one product but we believe we have achieved it.

The Kizlyar Supreme Colada.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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