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Military men using Kizlyar Supreme tactical knives appreciate their functionality, reliability and best in the industry tactical sheaths, ideally compatible with the knives.

For quite some time they have been asking us to start making training knives with which they can train the freshmen and perfect their skills.

Kizlyar Supreme along with the largest defense training school network Tolpar and some of the best combat instructors developed outstanding training knives that have almost no difference from our real combat knives.

Now you can train with almost identical in weight, size, ergonomics and grips knives as well as practice speed drawing from the native sheaths of your Tactical Echelon knives which you can attach as you normally do on your belt or webbing.

These training knives are just as fully compatible with the sheaths as the real knives.

This is especially important to soldiers and special forces operators since it is the hundreds-of-times practised movements perfected to automatism that allow for immediate response to threat and execution of that perfected in training move with just the same knife as its training version, with unparalled precision and maximum speed in the time of danger.

This cannot be achieved by training with knives that are made of plastic or wood.

According to leading specialists preparing high level operators that Kizlyar Supreme has consulted, training with non-metal knives is psychologically wrong because it teaches the operator not to fear plastic or rubber blades, while when they encounter an opponent with a knife that has a heavy blade made of steel most get petrified with fear due to not being accustomed to psychological and physical work against such a knife.

Of course, the weight, flexibility and sensations from rubber, plastic and wooden knives are significantly different from professional training knives made of steel and having almost identical specifications in comparison to their real combat versions.

Kizlyar Supreme training knives are developed with some of the leading self-defence schools and best military instructors who train special forces of the Russian Federation.

These knives are used in army combat competitions.

As a result of numerous training sessions we achieved the current form of the knives - they all have rounded tips and chamfering of all surfaces that make them safe for training and still keep their original combat shape.

Handles of the training knives are the same as on our combat Tactical Echelon line - they can be disassembled and replaced by bright orange or olive drab coloured ones.

A sheath is not included, however, you can use a sheath from a Tactical Echelon knife that you already own or buy a separate one in either black, camo or ACU colour to match your gear.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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