MOLLE Sheath Tactical Echelon Camo


Fully adapted to the fastening system MOLLE sheath black scabbard designed specifically for Series Tactical Echelon from Kizlyar Supreme, but also suitable for a number of other blades.

Top clamp and height of the straps on the sheath Tactical Echelon and Outdoor Series - different, so keep that in mind, look closely at a list of suitable models. If you have questions, it is best to email us to avoid mistakes when selecting a cover.

From knives Ltd. PP this case is suitable: Knight - perfectly keeps all the locks, will not fall even if strong shaking, hanging hilt down. In the design of the sheath taken into account a number of requirements to meet stringent NATO standards: a knife should be silent when worn, inserted into the sheath by any party, held securely at least two attachment points.

The result is a feature-rich sheath, with the possibility of carrying a knife handle up or handle down comfortably on your belt or cell discharge system. Also threading the strap to the bottom strip MOLLE on the back side, a cover may additionally be secured to the thigh.

Pouch has two types of fastening belt - standard loop for a wide belt, as well as two separate strips with Velcro and rivets for fixing of the loop on the trousers (loop between the strips) to limit the movement of the cover to the side, as well as the possibility of mounting on the majority of unloading systems and quick release.

The scabbard is made up of a multifunctional nylon suspension and fixed it a high-tech liner from glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

The knife is fixed in the insert special projections coming into the recesses podpaltsevoy handle recesses. The front part of the blade at the same time fixed by a special clamp located in the recess of the insert, in order to avoid chatter of the blade wear.

The sheath has an extra strap that secures the knife in a sheath at the narrowest point of the handle in the pommel area. On the cover for extra pouches with additional tools kit NAZ, sharpening device, flashlight, multitool, folding knife, or for smaller jobs.

Fixing is carried out using strips MOLLE and virtually any MOLLE-compatible pouch (eg tactical covers some Leatherman models and Fenix flashlights) can be installed. The sheath woven parakordovy cord length of about 1.5 meters, which can be useful in order to NAZ, as well as manufacturing spears, traps and other devices.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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