Nikki AUS-8 Satin

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Nikki with black blade of AUS-8 steel

Nikki and Santi share the basic design concept: compact tough knife for wide variety of tasks. The knives differ from each other with blade design: Nikki has a straightback blade and Santi is a drop-point style knife.

Nikki's straightback blade design has a curving edge, and flat back. A dull back lets the wielder use fingers to concentrate force; it also makes the knife heavy and strong for its size. The curve concentrates force on a small point, making cutting easier. This knife can chop as well as pick and slice.

The drop-point blade of Santi has a sharp tip that is useful as a pick, or for cutting in tight places. If the false edge is sharpened it increases the knife's effectiveness in piercing.

Looking at the knives one wants to call them "tough little ones". The design is full-tang, micarta handle slabs are attached to the tang using stainless steel tube fasteners and a glue underneath and the blade itself is 4.8 mm thick in the spine - that is how tough these little guys are.

Notwithstanding the relatively thick spine the knives offer outstanding cutting qualities. This is achieved to a large extent by high slight concave running along the whole blade connected quite thin with the cutting edge which is around 0.5 mm.

Good cutting is hard to imagine without a quality blade steel, Nikki and Santi are produced from AUS-8 and D2 steels. These steels have earned excellent reputation and are successfully used by the leading knife manufacturers.

AUS-8 holds the edge very well, has nice corrosion-resistance and if the blade gets blunt, can be easily resharpened.

D2 is mainly used in premium grade knives as it is extremely wear-resistant and blades made from it offer very aggressive cutting. It's little downside is a relatively higher need for maintenance because knives made of it have higher tendency to corrosion than simpler steels.

Handle slabs are made of black-grey micarta. The shape of the handle has relief which emphasises micarta's texture, while the bumps in the front of the handle make a pseudo-guard. Thanks to this the knife gives a confident and secure grip, while the knurling on the spine improves control of the blade during work.

The knives are supplied with quality genuine leather sheath with a belt loop. The sheath is of immersing type, the knife gets inside easily and is securely fixated by a button strap. Knives can be easily and quickly removed from the sheath thanks to the widening of the back part of the handle, in addition to this the installed lanyard (included with the knife) aids the speed and ease of knife deployment.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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