Survivalist X D2 Black Titanium

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While Survivalist Z is closer to the very first Survivalist model we made, the new Survivalist X got rid of the groove on the blade which makes it heavier and more efficient in hacking tasks.

Survivalist X does not have serrations so it features a nice long cutting edge the traditional way.

Some survival experts requested us to incorporate a ruler into the knife so there is a ruler in centimeters and inches lasered onto the blade of Survivalist X.

A signifficant difference of new Survivalist X and Z from the older version is that instead of a saw on the spine of the blade the new guys have a specially shaped bevel designed for chopping bones and other hard materials so that the user does not need to risk damaging the main blade while performing these tasks.

Survivalist X features a huge powerful blade with thickness of around 5mm. The size and weight of the knife allow performing a large range of tasks.

The knife has a protective guard to shield the user from the cutting edge and a bit of jimping on the spine for a better control over the heavyweight blade.

The dural handle is securely connected to the blade. A number of serious strength tests were conducted to test the strength of the connection, but it still held the knife in one piece.

Inside the handle there is a basic survival kit that can be modified to suit the user’s needs and experience.

Survivalist X features a great MOLLE compatible sheath that can accomodate extra accessory pouches onto itself so that you can keep a portable sharpener or a multitool or other accessory together with the knife.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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