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Throwing Knife "Vyatich" is widely used in Russian knife throwing clubs, such as: Твердая Рука (Tve'rdaya Ruka - Strong Hand) in Moscow, 78 легион (78th Legion), Сталкер (Stalker) in Saint-Petersburg, and much more.

We highly recommend "Vyatich" knife for non-rotating throwing and trowing by the blade.

Due to smooth back and big handle, knife operation is outstanding, you can intuitively feel it while throwing, and because of that, "Vyatich" is suitable not only for adults, but for children as well.

This knife made of stainless steel 420 - this steel favorite of high resistance to corrosion, strong durability and great toughness. With this steel throwing knives with proper care, will serve for decades and more.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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