Whisper D2 BT Red

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New in 2016 from Kizlyar Supreme - Whisper knife with a blade in the form of the Japanese tanto. Knife developed the American designer Breeden by Jason , though it is hard to imagine at the eastern exterior clearly Folder.

Whisper interesting combination of simplicity, beauty and practicality . All the lines are verified and concise. The smooth curve of the blade combined with interesting handle more rigorous. A clear pattern lozenges on linings conjures up thoughts of the handle of the katana. But do not think that this is just a nice trinket.

Long straight descents , which are particularly appreciated among experts and advanced amateurs, simply created for excellent controlled cutting . Beautiful 3D texture overlays of the G10 does handle very uhvatistoy . Laynerny lock is simple and reliable, as well as the axial unit with brass washers . Jobs Mechanics knife concise and clear. Rounding out the image of refined east flower cherry on the clip . And who can say, then, that beauty can not be practical!

We should also be said about the steel. American D2 known for aggressive cutting edge retention and excellent sharpness . It is good resists corrosion by 12% chromium in the composition and requires minimal maintenance. D2 rightfully takes its place in the premium segment knife steels.

Black titanium coating Titanium Coating is applied by vacuum deposition ion technology in a special chamber, heated to high temperatures, and provides long-term protection from the knife most mechanical damage, such as scratches, bumps and other. Titanium coating is considered to be the most reliable to protect the blades from stainless steel and is applied to the blades expensive segment.

The knives Kizlyar Supreme we often use very durable and high quality material in the manufacture of handles for some of our models - G10. Pronounced as "Jiten" - is termosetny industrial laminate consisting of ceaselessly strand fiberglass, epoxy-bonded rubber composition under high pressure.

Material of the handle of the knife - the G10 - is extremely tenacious and durable modern material, has excellent mechanical properties, used cutlery leading US companies. Jiten has high stability in physical properties of many environmental parameters change. It does not absorb moisture, can withstand very high shock loads as well as the tensile load and flexibility.

Because of its composition, the G10 has a rough surface of the fine mesh. Since this surface contributes to reliable sliding less grip at the knife, Jiten rarely much polish. As with Mikartoy G10 is often called three-dimensional - 3D G10, meaning that the handle is not a flat rectangle, and has a certain relief. For a stable and beautiful 3D terrain Kizlyar Supreme uses a high-precision computerized equipment.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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