Zedd AUS-8 Satin

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Handsome Zedd features attractive looks and great modern materials as well as tough design and superior ergonomics.

The knife features a more traditional blade style that many people find most comfortable to work with. Flat-ground blade with razor sharp cutting edge ensures that whatever you cut will be cut nice and smooth.

We use two types of blade finish for Zedd:

- Satin - the blade has a traditional light-coloured look, but it is not mirror polished intentionally because scratches are more visible on highly-polished blades whereas satin finish blade is less prone to get scratched

- Titanium coating - Kizlyar Supreme is the only Russian knife manufacturer and one of a very few international knife makers that uses this strongest coating for its knives. Besides better resistance to scratches in comparison with other coatings for knives, Ti coating also protects the blade from corrosion which makes the knife maintenance much easier and ensures the long service of the knife. And, of course, Titanium coating adds a nice and smooth look to a blade.

Currently Zedd is made from two different steels D2 and AUS-8:

D2 - is a tool steel that is known by its unparalled edge retention capability in its steel class. Premium-level D2 steel is normally used in high end products of best knife brands. It is one of the most popular steels among expert and amateur knife communities around the world. D2 steel used in Kizlyar Supreme knives is a high carbon and high chromium (adds corrosion resistance) tool steel, featuring high resistance to wear, compression load and abrasion impact.

AUS-8 was developed in Japan and is considered to be one of the best steels featuring such important qualities as good corrosion resistance, good toughness and good wear-resistance. AUS-8 is regarded as very well balanced steel and is used for knives of medium price level in products of leading western knife brands.

We wanted Zedd to be a strong guy so we installed highly durable 3D-processed G10 scales on top of 1.5 mm thick liner frame.​

The material of the handle - G10 - is a very tough and strong modern material featuring outstanding mechanical properties. It has high physical stability in most situations - it does not absorb moisture, withstands high strength impacts as well as flexibility and extension loads. It features excellent coefficient of mechanical strength to its weight.

Due to its composition, G10 has a slightly rough to touch small-checkered-looking surface which makes the grip highly resistant to slipping.

Zedd’s flipper makes sure your hand keeps its five fingers attached even during very intense work.​

With the flipper and a light wrist movement, Zedd can be flipped-open in just a moment using one hand only.

For those who steel prefer opening the knife by thumbstuds (let's agree that it is not always a good idea to flip-open a knife in public) we installed them on each side so you can use both hands.

Of course on such a nice EDC knife we installed a solid clip that allows a deep immersion into a jeans pocket so that the knife can always be near, but would not attract questioning looks of the public (people might look concerned when see a knife carried on a belt, for example).

At the end of the handle there is a lanyard hole for decorative lanyard or emergency paracord.

Beside the installed Teflon washers, we also include Brass washers in a box, which will make experienced users happier.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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