Zorg D2 GT

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Acute Zorg tip of the blade in the form of American tanto provide easy piercing of most materials, and its ergonomic handle supplemented notch will give you excellent control required when vypolenii detailed work.

Aggressive and compact Zorg - a powerful skladnik with a flat slopes with a sharp cutting edge so that it will bite at any job, you toss it - at least in the urban environment, though the countryside.

Tool Die Steel D2 is out of the competition on a high level of wear resistance . D2 belongs to the premium segment, used in high-end products the United States and Japan, producers and is one of the most fashionable among the expert community steel knife enthusiasts.

Gray coating Titanium Coating is applied on the technology of ion-vacuum deposition in a special chamber, heated to high temperatures, and provides long-term protection from the knife most mechanical damage, such as scratches, bumps and other. Titanium coating is considered to be the most reliable to protect the blades from stainless steel and is applied to the blades expensive segment.

We wanted to make Zorg tenacious guy, so we set it high-G10 with three-dimensional processing on top of a half-millimeter laynernoy design. Handle Zorg very ergonomic and allows you to confidently hold a knife in his hand different enough, and in conjunction with well-positioned notch on the butt of the blade provides a precise cut even when the detailed work with small objects.

Zorg armed flipper , which guarantees that your fingers were as long, even during the most intense work.

With flippers and a small movement of the wrist, Zorg, you can quickly open with one hand .

For lovers of the opening of the pegs, we put them on both sides, so that you can open with either hand.

Material of the handle of the knife - the G10 - is extremely tenacious and durable modern material, has excellent mechanical properties, used cutlery leading US companies.

Jiten has high stability in physical properties of many environmental parameters change. It does not absorb moisture, can withstand very high shock loads as well as the tensile load and flexibility.

Excellent keeps its characteristics at high temperatures - G10 working temperature is 140 degrees Celsius, that is, can safely be used at a temperature not melted, but can darken when prodolzhnitelnom finding a higher teperatury. Also, G10 has excellent mechanical strength of the relationship to its own weight.

Because of its composition, the G10 has a rough surface of the fine mesh. Since this surface contributes to less reliable sliding grabbing the knife, Jiten rarely much polish.

Naturally in such a beautiful knife for everyday wear, we have established a beautiful and resilient clip, which makes it quite a deep dive into the pocket to the right tool has been always at hand, but not intrusive attracted the views of others.

Also at the end of the handle placed holes for threading the decorative Lanyard or emergency parachute cord.

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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