MTG – 1603 Combat Shirt


Designed as a combat-specific upper garment, with no compromises for garrison wear, this shirt is designed specifically to be worn under body armour. It keeps you cool with a lightweight, high-performance, high-stretch, wicking torso.

Specifically designed to be worn under body armour.

Front loading hook & loop faced shoulder pockets for patches.

Velcro closing cuff Zigzag stitched zip-up collar can be worn down or up to protect

neck and keep out debris.

Reinforced internal elbow pockets for elbow pad inserts, with easy access external hook & loop opening.

Pen holders.

Durable uniform weight sleeve fabric (Rip-stop)

Light weight high-performance high-stretch wicking torso

MTG – 1603 - Combat Shirt


“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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