BT26 CAR Adaptor

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When installed on your CAR collapsible stock allows any of our PRM style monopods to be installed. This is a great option for shooters that want the LOP adjustments available with a collapsible stocks yet want the stability provided by the Accu-Shot. The BT26 - CAR Adaptor replaces the factory loop on the stock while providing the means to re-attach the fixed sling loop with the loop on the left, right or bottom angled forward or backward. Available in black only. Weight 1.1 ounce.


  • The standard Sling loop is removed from the CAR stock.
  • The round end of the BT26 fits into the Sling loop slot with the cross slotted rail feature towards the muzzle.
  • The standard machine screw is replaced to secure the BT26 to the stock.
  • OPTION - The Sling loop can be attached using the provided screw with the loop angled back, on the left or right side or on the bottom.
  • Now any of the PRM style monopods can now be attached to the BT26.

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