UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 Bipod, Cent Ht: 6.69"-9.12"

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•  Unique Tension Adjustable 360-degree Panning with Multi-axial Tilting Base to Achieve Virtually Any Desired Bipod Adjustment
•  Versatile Bidirectional Bipod Folding with 5 Posi-lock Positions for Convenient Use on Different Firearms at Varying Angles
•  Metal Construction with Square Steel Cross Bolt for Superior Hold on any Picatinny Rail
•  Innovative Offset Picatinny Mounting Deck Frees up Handguard Real Estate
•  Fully Adjustable Legs with 5 Extendable Lengths Lockable via Thumb Wheel for Enhanced Stability at Multiple Heights
•  Non-slip Rubberized Foot Pads for any Terrain or Surface
•  Complete with Swivel Stud Kit for Swivel Stud Mounting
•  Center Height Adjustable From 6.7" to 9.1"
Common price: R1 600,00 Our price: R1 399,00


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