Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope

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The Phenom series is Hi-Lux Optics first foray into precision long range rifle scopes. Specifically designed for the committed precision shooting, tactical and law enforcement communities, the Phenom 5-30X utilizes the CW-3 reticle.

The CW-3 reticle enables the operator to quickly place follow up shots by tracking the first shot using the various reticle subtensions. As the Phenom 5-30X is a 1st Focal Plane scope, the CW-3 reticle can be used at all magnifications. By utilizing the Christmas tree portion of the reticle, all windage holdovers can be made on by holding over. Save your internal adjustment for dialing elevation.

CW-3 FFP Reticle Description

  • Designed with the feedback and insight of professional competitive shooters and military trained marksmen, the CW-3 is a milliradian based reticle that enables the operator to quickly range targets, and make holdovers. Using this reticle, the shooter can visibly trace the bullet's path down range. Additionally, both the elevation and windage axes are numbered for quick holdover reference.
  • The CW-3 FFP reticle gives the shooter more data to reference for long range shot placement.
  • For windage, every 0.2 Mil graduation is indicated by the tick marks on the horizontal cross hair to 5 Mils on each side.
  • On every whole Mil of the reticle, 0.2 Mil graduations are indicated by the crosses and small dots.
  • Each cross in the grid measures 0.4 Mil by 0.4 Mil. The center point of each cross also indicate whole Mils.
  • For elevation, the is a 0.1 Mil space that indicated 1/2 Mil graduation. The larger 0.1 Mil dot in the grid also indicates 0.5 Mil graduations. The 0.1 Mil graduations between 2-3 Mils above the center of the reticle can be used for vertically milling targets.
  • Once this reticle is learned and mastered, the shooter can use CW-3 grid for precise first shot placement, mill targets with ease, and shoot quick follow-up shots.

  • Specifications.

    MODEL NO:PM530X56


    OBJ. LENS:56mm

    FOV @ 100 YDS:25'-4'

    EXIT PUPIL RANGE:10mm (@5X) – 1.7mm (@30X)

    EYE RELIEF:3.75”



    COATING:Diamond Tuff14

    RETICLE:CW-3 FFP Reticle

    ELEVATION:0.1 mRad

    WINDAGE:0.1 mRad

    TUBE DIAMETER:34mm Tube

R16 130,26


“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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