Micro-Max B-Dot MBD1-20

Micro-Max B-Dot MBD1-20

Micro-Max B-Dot (Model No.: MBD1-20) electronic red-dot sight, one of the toughest electronic sights built today, featuring a rugged machined aluminum housing. The Micro-Max B-Dot sight comes standard with a solid, low-profile mount. It can be quickly and easily attached to any Weaver-style one-piece base or MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail. The torx (star) head screw and clamp ensures that this sight stays solidly mounted until the shooter is ready to remove it. An AR riser mount is available as an accessory.

Drawing upon the considerable advances of reflex sight technology, the 1x Micro-Max red-dot sight delivers outstanding precision and performance to the shooter. Thanks to our new B-Dot LED technology, the Micro-Max red dot is much brighter than conventional red dot sights even under sunny daylight conditions. Furthermore, under normal use, a single battery powers this sight upwards of 55,000 hours (6.2 years). The Micro-Max just might be the most reliable electronic device you will ever own! The Micro-Max B-Dot is compatible with just about any firearm from handguns and rifles to muzzleloaders and shotguns. Satisfying the needs of all shooters from the recreational hunter to law enforcement, the Micro-Max B-Dot is a versatile optic, suitable for recreational shooting, sport shooting and tactical operations. Measuring 2.5 inches long by 1.4 inches wide by 1.4 inches tall, the Micro-Max is extremely compact and comes with flip-up lens covers and kill flash filter.

The battery compartment can also store one extra CR2032 battery. Without the included flip-up lens covers, this sight with the low mount weighs in at only 3.8 ounces. The full package is just right for most shooting and hunting needs. An AR riser mount can be purchased separately to make Micro-Max sight suitable for AR type rifles. Inside the high-strength extruded aluminum housing of the Micro-Max is the most advanced electronic reflex red-dot sight technology now possible. In order to protect the solidly mounted circuitry, the sight is fully waterproof. Like all Hi-Lux rifle optics, this sight has been built for use in the real world and can handle anything that Mother Nature can dish out.

The advanced efficiency of the ultra-modern B-Dot electronics not only ensures much longer battery life, but also produces a much brighter dot than previously available. The 12-setting digital switch on the top of the Micro-Max sight allows the intensity of the 2 MOA red B-Dot to be easily and quickly adjusted to the ambient light, for the best possible sight picture and shot placement.

The Micro-Max B-Dot sight is also night vision compatible. Every lens surface of this sight has been fully multi-coated to produce maximum light transmission for the brightest possible sight picture. As a parallax free zero-magnification sight (1x), the shooter can acquire a target and take the shot without having to center the B-Dot in the lens. Properly sighted, the point of impact is where the dot is on the target - making the Micro-Max ideal for those shots at running or flying game - or when a tense tactical situation escalates.

“Bravery is being the only one
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– David Hackworth

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