Tac Vector Optics VO Stinger 1x28RD

Vector VO Stinger 1x28RD
Vector VO Stinger 1x28RD vo_stinger_1x28rd_9

Vector Optics Stinger 1x28 Red/Green Dot Sight

Somewhat reminiscent of Aimpoint’s Comp M2, the Stinger offers a great sight alternative for short and mid-range distances, and specifically for forest games. The Stinger comes with a slightly elevating Cantilever mount. Because of this elevating mount, the Stinger is excellent with M4/M16 series rifles or other similar models in which aiming with a sight at rail level is difficult. Unlike other, cheaper sight models, the lenses on this tube-like sight are clear without darkening!

The dot brightness is adjustable (5 levels), with two color options: red and green. The sight is powered by one CR2032 battery. The mount and sight comes with a microfiber cloth and flip-up lens caps. All of these items are delivered in a padded plastic box.

Vector Optics

Sunclear Tac Vector Optics, or Vector Optics for short, is a company which manufactures optical sights, sight mounts, flashlights and other accessories for firearms. Most of the products are made from aluminum and are both shockproof and waterproof. The sights can handle recoil (for example, 5.56×45 and 7.62×51 mm) which means that they won’t adjust on their own because of the recoil or small blows in the ground. Furthermore, the tube-shaped red dot sights and scopes have been filled with nitrogen which prevents the lenses from fogging up on the inside.

5 years of warranty

We give all Vector Optics products a five-year warranty which covers flaws encountered in normal use, like manufacturing defects. In other words, you can use your product worry-free. And no wonder, because Vector Optics products are from an entirely different planet. These products can therefore handle a bit rougher going than their pure airsoft counterparts.

Note! Even lenses of sights designed for firearms may not withstand a hit from a BB. Always use a lens cover with optics and sights.

Name: Vector Optics Stinger 1×28 Red/Green Dot Sight
Manufacturer: Vector Optics
Objective lens size: 28 mm
Reticle Dot, red and green
Power source: CR2032-battery
Length: 125 mm
Weight: 200 g
Field of view (@91 m): 17.4 m
Package contents: sight, cantilever sight mount, flip-up lens covers
Common price: R1 600,00 Our price: R1 600,00


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