Shooting Mat in Coyote

Shooting Mat in Coyote
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This Shooting Mat is manufactured in abrasive resistant, high quality, built to last Nylon Codura. The mat is designed to be carried either via the carrying handle which also allows the pockets to be used for carrying drinks etc or can just as easily be slung over a backpack or weapon bag for those longer walks to the firing point. Each of the four folded padded sections are built around a water resistant, High Density PVA (HDPVA) foam pad making it comfortable not only on hard standing firing points but on soft, damp and uneven surfaces to. The fifth section contains two mesh utility pockets and a central map pocket/document case for range cards and such like. With non slip elbow pads this Shooting mat will provide you with a steady, comfortable and relaxed shooting position every time.


  • Collapsible design allows the mat to be folded easily and neatly
  • Shell made of abrasion resistant Nylon Cordura
  • 4 High density padded sections for comfort
  • Map/Documents case
  • 2 x Mesh utility pockets
  • Non-slip Elbow Pads

“Bravery is being the only one
who knows you’re afraid.”

– David Hackworth

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