HAWK22 Silencer / Suppressor

HAWK22 Silencer / Suppressor
HAWK22 Silencer / Suppressor hawk22_b hawk22 hawk22_a

The SAI Hawk22 silencer / suppressor is our longest running model series, produced in five-digit numbers. Characteristic is the crimping line in front - The first SAI silencer / suppressor model to have this feature. Today almost a hallmark for the SAI Sound silencers / suppressors production. The Hawk22 silencer / suppressor is a multibaffel design that can be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance. Threaded for ½"x20 UNF as standard. Other threads can be delivered on request.


  • Caliber: Cal .22 lr
  • Length: 155mm
  • Diameter: 27mm
  • Weight: 205g
  • Material: Steel / Aluminum
  • Surface: Corr-i-dur (Black)
  • Attachment to firearm: Thread: ½"x20 UNF or on request

R1 046,50


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