TE-TITAN's Reflex Suppressor for .30 - 5/8-24

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The low weight and short construction length make the damper perfect for hunting and hunting.

The damper has a mirage cover that prevents mirage, while being quickly cooled down.

With a diameter of 42 mm, this is a damper that does not hinder the telescopic sight.

The damper consists only of two parts, one piece of titanium grade 5 and one support ring against the barrel, this support ring can either be supplied in aluminum or plastic.

The advantage of pump support ring is that it does not scratch the barrel.

The advantage of an aluminum support ring is that it does not melt.

A pumice ring will melt if about 20 shots of .308 caliber are shot in under 2 minutes.

- Material Titan grade 5.

- Length 211 mm.

- Diameter 42 mm.

- Built 110 mm in front of the mouth.

- Weight from 205 g to 250 g.

Maintenance on the muffler: Not needed.

Suppressors are sold with a lifetime warranty.


When the damper is new, small amounts of titanium powder remain after production inside the damper. After approx. 30 shots, the titanium powder will be out of the damper. White sparks may occur before all the titanium powder is out of the damper, but this is completely harmless.

On semiautomatic machines it is therefore important to brush the barrel between each of the first 10 shots that the damper is used because the titanium powder can be pushed backwards in the barrel.

The damper is designed for use in competitive hunting and normal use on the shooting range.

In case of extreme heat firing of the damper, the pump support ring on the rear edge will melt, the damper should then be sent to the dealer for inspection and replacement of the pump support ring. Mirage can be used if desired.

Before and during use it is important to check that the damper is properly screwed to the barrel.

Series of over 20 shots with standard caliber are not recommended, this can damage the race and pump ring in the damper.

The muffler should not be exposed to temperatures above 300 ° C for more than a short time and not more than 200 ° C over long periods.

The damper should not be stored on the weapon as this will give rust in the mouth of the pipe.

Do not use oil or other abrasives inside the damper as this will increase the build-up of wax sludge.

The lifetime warranty does not cover damage due to impact or extreme heat firing.

Assembly must be done by qualified stockbroker.

To obtain the best possible damping, the damper is designed with little clearance between the projectile and the baffle. The projectile must not come into contact with the damper. It is therefore very important that the damper's center line is concentric with the axis of the brush race.

-The plastic ring in the rear edge should be with clearance to the barrel (0.1-0.2mm) - The

pipe should have a thread portion corresponding to the length of 1x diameter of the threads.

-Largest diameter of the barrel: 19.8mm 90mm from the mouth.


R11 900,00


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